About Steve Lewsen

Steve Lewsen is a medical lecturer and former ambulance officer. Over the last 25 years he has taught over 25 000 people a wide range of first-aid skills in his child-specific courses and many of his students have used info from him to save the lives of their children. He is very highly regarded as a passionate instructor who goes out of his way to ensure that his students get the maximum possible benefit from his courses. He has also given thousands of free medical talks in hospitals, playgroups, mums groups, child health centres and community centres. He has appeared on both National Nine News and 7News and has run a radio show on ABC radio in both WA and Victoria.

Choking – Could you save your child?

Nothing scares a parent more than a choking child. If a person cannot breathe, irreversible brain damage can occur within minutes, so choking is a true medical emergency and rapid action is required. The good news, however, is that basic first-aid knowledge will [...]

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