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First Aid Instructor Background

Steve Lewsen is a former ambulance officer and medical lecturer. He has been running first aid courses for over 25 years and has personally taught over 20 000 people how to save a life and assist an injured person in a range of different situations.

Steve is a very enthusiastic and vibrant lecturer and this clearly shows in his courses. He is very passionate and genuinely believes in the work that he does, as he has worked as an ambulance officer and has seen the difference that basic first-aid knowledge can make in an emergency. Now as a first aid instructor, he regularly receives feedback from those he has taught stating that their children would have been far more seriously injured, and, in some cases, would even have died, had it not been for the knowledge that they gained from him. His courses are often described as “inspirational” by his students.

Educating people about a range of first aid topics is no longer just what he does, but who he is. He is exceptionally well-known throughout the Perth metropolitan area and has a reputation for providing a very high quality course to the public.

He is very well-known for the fact that he teaches in a way that really gets people thinking about what they are learning, as opposed to simply memorising the steps. This helps them remember the info over time, even when under extreme stress. In fact, he spends time in every course teaching his students how to manage the “panic” of a real-life medical emergency!

Over his career, Steven has conducted well over 1000 free medical seminars for playgroups, child health centres, parenting groups, community organisations and workplaces and has run thousands of first aid courses.

He is well-respected as a guest speaker, he has appeared on Channel 7 News discussing burns treatment and on 18 June 2011, he was interviewed on Nine News after one of his students, who had completed his course a few weeks before, used the information on choking to save the life of her child!

He is regularly interviewed on radio regarding first-aid.

He has also run a medical series on ABC radio in both WA and Victoria, which was credited with saving a number of lives.

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