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First Aid Course Testimonials

I just wanted to let you know that I have done about 5 previous first-aid courses, but none anywhere near as good as yours! Your knowledge and your passion for your work, combined with your sense of humour and the way you explain everything so clearly and carefully helped me to understand everything like never before! For the first time ever after a course, I truly feel confident that I would know what to do if something happened to one of my children. I cannot thank you enough and I am telling all my friends and family that you are the only person in WA they should go to for first-aid training! Thanks again. Linda

You did a training course for myself and my mothers group. I don’t expect you to remember us as it was just under two years ago. I wanted to let you know that on Sunday my two year old son put his hand on our electric hot plate burning his hand. We followed your first aid of running it under cold wate rfor twenty minutes (timed – oh how it felt so much longer!) and applied the Burnshield and took him to PMH. PMH informed me that all burns go to the burn ward as standard and that we would be in for a long stay. The burn specialist took the burn shield off and examined his hand and said that the burn shield and our correct first aid had saved his hand. It hadn’t even blistered much. The specialist said we were the example of how good burn first aid saves lives. We were able to go home after a short time there and he has full functionality of his hand. I just wanted to say thank you for training us so well and let you know how important your job is! I thought maybe you could use our story as an example for why the burn patches are so important. Casey

I just wanted to say thank you for being such a great 1st Aid instructor and for saving so many lives out there. A close friend of mine who is one of the mums at school had done your course 4 years ago and her barely 2 year old daughter got burnt badly by a cup of just boiled water on her face and chest and she mentioned that she owes everything to your course for having saved her daughter from permanent scarring! She needed grafting and compression clothes etc but immediate 1st Aid techniques saved her. I am sure you know what a wonderful job you are doing! Thanks again 🙂 Joan

I am writing to pass on our thanks to you for the valuable information you gave us in your first aid course. One evening our youngest son crawled up to a gas heater and grabbed hold of the bars across the flame. He received second degree burns on his palms – I remember seeing some of his skin left on the bars of the heater. The staff at PMH complimented us on how we treated his burns before we took him to hospital. We put his hands under running water for 20 minutes, applied burnshield dressings and then drove him to hospital. Also, I think having the knowledge of what to do gave us direction and helped us to both keep our nerve and concentrate on what we needed to do. We didn’t panic, but got busy doing what we needed to do. 2years on now, our son has no scars on his hands. So, thank you! The information you taught us has stayed with us – and we were able to recall it when we needed it! I am a big fan of your training. Kind Regards Fiona

Hi Steven, I did your course almost 2 years ago.Last night my mum took a large pot of boiling pasta off the stove. The tea towel she was using somehow got caught on the pot and an entire pot full of boiling water spilled on her left forearm and hand. She was in agony. I got my niece to put my mums arm under cool running water while I ran to my car and got my first aid kit. I spent a lot of money buying two from you (1 for my house and the other for the car). Within minutes of the burn occurring mum had two Burnshields over the burns which were wrapped in bandages to hold in place. Several hours later she went to the chemist where the pharmacist unwrapped it and looked it over. He asked my mum who had done that to her arm. My mum said her daughter and the pharmacist asked if I was a Dr because it was so good!! The pharmacist then told my mum that what I had done completely changed the outcome of her burn. Had I not done it, he said, mum would’ve had full blistering with fluid and pus. Today her arm is slightly sore and only mildly red. You wouldn’t think she’d have spilled boiling water on it, that’s for sure. So, I just wanted to say thank you. I was cool, calm and collected and what I spent is certainly much less than what treatment could have potentially cost us. Tammy

I have never wanted to do a CPR course before, as it SCARED me as I was too worried about remembering the information and never thought I’d be able to save someone. After doing this course, I can’t believe I took so long!! The information was taught in a way that no longer left me scared, but instead left me feeling confident in my ability. Thanks heaps. Linda

Thank you very much for your email and continued support even after we finish the course. I am very impressed and grateful. It has been a relief to feel the weight of fear lift from my shoulders and feel that if anyone including my children were to collapse in front of me I could give immediate assistance that would be beneficial and help to save them because I understand the consequences of my actions. I owe you a debt of gratitude for this feeling of ease and calm about the responsibility that can now be carried throughout my life without fear, especially for my children’s sake. My heartfelt thanks go to you for your teachings. Helen

Thanks again for your great course. I was speaking to some friends todayabout the course, how clear you made it and they all seemed to know of you. So just to let you know that your great reputation precedes you. We all agreed we had learnt the most ever in a First Aid course in YOUR course. Keep up the great work and I will be in touch re hosting a course for my husband and friends in the New Year. Natalie

Several years ago we lived in a house with an open fire place with a cast-iron border around it. At the time we had just our first child and she was a toddler – we were very careful to keep her away from the fire. One night however with my back turned for a moment she ended up at the fire and put her open hand directly on the cast iron which was of course extremely hot. There was an eerie dead silence for a few moments before she let out the most ear piercing scream. I grabbed her to find the skin on the whole palm of her hand and her fingers was already blistering severely. We knew immediately it was a serious situation. Thankfully we had attended one of your first courses shortly after she had been born and bought a first aid kit and most importantly some Burnshields. We both remained calm and swung into action. We held her hand under running cold tap water for 20 minutes and it was an extremely long 20 minutes with her screaming in obvious pain.We then wrapped her hand in a Burnshield and headed straight for Princess Margaret Hospital where she received immediate attention. She was in hospital for a few days and we were in and out of the burns ward for a week getting the wounds dressed. The doctor said that without doubt the fact that we knew what to do immediately saved her from needing skin grafts and receiving permanent damage. She’s now 7 years old and there are absolutely no remnants of the burn. We are so thankful that we were prepared and knew the correct way to deal with the situation as soon as it happened. Shaun

Thank you for a great course. I think all who attended would agree that your method of teaching is excellent. I came away from the course with a whole new understanding of the topics you taught, especially CPR and the reason that we do it. Before the course, like a lot of other people, I probably would have given up efforts of CPR before the ambulance arrived, because I would have been expecting to be able to revive that person, whereas now I know to never give up! So thank you very much for everything you taught us and the way in which you taught it, I’m sure that everyone who attends your courses will be much more confident and more likely to remember what they have been taught because of the way in which you teach. Lucinda

Thank you for the most effective first aid course I believe I have ever experienced. Marelda

I recently attended your 1st aid course with my mothers group. It was by far the best course I have ever done…and being a teacher I have done a few! I remember almost everything that you taught us and feel confident that I could help someone if the situation ever arose. Your stories, humour and clear manner made learning really enjoyable, but more importantly relevant and extremely easy to remember. So, thank you so much. Sandra